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New Communities Festival

8 Jun 2023

'My Community, My Heritage, My Place' festival coming to The Core Theatre 6th March 2024!

All 20 schools, who have been taking part in our new communities project will be coming together on 6th March 2024 to celebrate their work, connect with each other, and feel part of a wider community.

This festival will take place at The Core Theatre from 1:30pm, and will include a screening of the original film by newly appointed videographer Romy Ashmore Hills, performances from schools who wish to share their work, a visual arts exhibition of work, and other exciting practical activities!

Anyone who does not attend, will still be able to access our exciting 3D online Gallery, which is being developed and added to as each school completes their 5 days. Keep your eyes out to spot when your school is added!

Once produced, the film will also be available on our website to watch any time!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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