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Solihull Cultural Education Partnership (CEP) is a network of arts and cultural professionals, education providers & creative advocates, who collaborate to create opportunities for children & young people (aged 0–25yrs) in Solihull to access the arts.

Our Vision

For all children and young people, schools and youth organisations in Solihull to expect and engage in exciting and meaningful arts and cultural activity.


Children and young people: access to innovative and creative opportunities to engage with culture as audiences, participants and change-makers.

Schools and youth organisations: opportunities for meaningful CPD, partnerships and effective working relationships with arts and cultural professionals.

Cultural sector: training and CPD to develop and extend practice with children and young and support in developing and delivering projects.

We Aim To

1. Have an established and sustainable network of arts, cultural, and education partners 

2. Have an active youth board, representative of children and young people across the borough, who are both advocates and decision makers for the work of the Solihull Cultural Education Partnership.

3. To ensure an ongoing programme of youth consultation which not only asks but actively listens to our children and young people.

4. To encourage and inspire children and young people, in and out of school to engage in quality activities in arts and culture

5. Build strong partnerships so that schools and youth organisations are empowered to be drivers in providing opportunities that demonstrate the value of arts and culture to children and young people, parents, carers and the wider community. 

6. Ensure there is a high profile for arts and culture for children and young people in Solihull, regionally and nationally 

7.  Work with existing partners, and develop new partnerships, to ensure progression routes for children and young people into FE, HE, and careers in the creative industries.

Our First Year


Workshops and activities delivered



Children & Young People took part in one or more CEP projects

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Members signed up since our launch in November 2022

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