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Funded by WMCA, Solihull CEPs newest project is working with 3 organisations to deliver various projects under the 'Moments Of Wow' programme.

The organisations are:

  • Art At The Heart CIC

  • Big Brum TIE

  • Sampad

These projects will be providing opportunities to schools across Solihull until December 2024, and work across dance, theatre and visual arts.

We will also be working with researcher/evaluator We Are Frilly to capture the projects as case studies.

Big Brum.jpeg

The Projects

The Seed of Imagination.png

The Seed Of Imagination

Delivered by Art At The Heart CIC

A giant seed pod is discovered on the school grounds. Where has it come from? What does it signify? What is it? What does it mean for us?

What follows is a journey of learning through visual arts, which will guide students through a series of mini explorations with a gentle focus on using imagination for sustainability. 


This projects is offering a series of 10 half day visual arts workshops to 3 primary schools to form a close relationship with the organisation in this intervention.


To find out more, join the primary school information session online, Thursday 20th June, 4-5pm and discover how you can get your school involved.

Hansel and Gretel

Delivered by Big Brum TIE

Big Brum are taking their newest theatre show ‘Hansel and Gretel’ to 15 primary schools in North Solihull. The famous Grimm Brothers story about austerity, abandonment and finding home will be experienced by every child in every school.

Then, working alongside teachers and students in each of the schools, artists will develop the children’s thoughts and ideas using a range of art forms. For example, a music score to accompany the story; a dance for Hansel and Gretel, showing their feelings about what the parents did; artwork based around the moments that stick in the children’s minds, and so much more!

This project is also offering teachers the opportunity to take part in a CPD programme, which will connect them further into the process and offer a felt relationship to the children's experience.

hansel and gretel.png
Dance Celebration

A Flashmob in Your School!

Delivered by Sampad

Would you like to surprise the other children/ young people and teachers/ or parents in your school  with an ‘impromptu’ flashmob Bollywood or Bhangra dance performance in the playground or school hall? Do your young people like a challenge? Do you have a class or year group who would thrive on learning a simple but effective dance and joining in when they hear the music cue? Then this is the WOW moment for you!

Sampad are offering 10 secondary schools in Solihull the opportunity to learn and perform a South Asian Dance style as part of an exciting flashmob. This is a quick and easy intervention, over 1-2 days, with flexibility to work to your schools timetable. If you are interested, we are able to offer this project immediately and there is no wait for the next academic year!

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