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We are recruiting for a youth board!

6 Apr 2023

Are you under 25 years old and looking to shape the arts in your area?

We are looking for enthusiastic young people who are interested in shaping arts and culture in and across the Borough of Solihull.

This is an opportunity to share views, thoughts and ideas on the work and programmes of Solihull Cultural Education Partnership (CEP), collaborating with our growing network of over 40 members, including arts organisations, freelancers and schools.

The youth board will be an integral part of Solihull CEP, helping us to respond directly to youth voice to shape our projects and drive future developments.

There are many reasons why this is a great opportunity – not least because it’ll look amazing on your CV! You will be the first to hear about exciting opportunities from the CEP, and create valuable industry connections for a career in the creative industries. You will develop skills in leadership, problem solving and decision making, as well as taking ownership of Solihull CEPs activities.

To register your interest, fill out our quick form:

Our first meeting is taking place 18th April 4-5pm... see you there!

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